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Who is Magic Strokes Painting?

 I am not just house painter, I am an artist, and your home is my canvas. I feel that getting to know the client on a personal level before choosing colors makes all the difference. For example, the kind of music you listen to can help you choose the right colors to set the mood in your home. The kind of furniture you have also has an impact on what colors you should choose for your home. Something I have noticed that clients rarely think about when painting their homes is the style of home they have. For example, choosing the wrong colors (inside or out), can take away from the intriguing features a home may have. From Colonial to Contemporary, choosing the right color scheme is what makes a house a work of art. So give me a call and lets turn your home into a masterpiece. 

What we offer

*Free Color Consulting and Color Matching

*Power Washing

*Drywall New and Repair

*Interior/Exterior Painting

*Faux Finishes and Special Design 

* Trim Installation

 * Discounts for Senior,Military and all Uniform

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Magic Strokes Painting and Decorative Finishes



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